Gone are the days where one used to visit local super markets or any shopping malls
to buy personal home needs like groceries, electronic gadgets, kitchen ware sets and
clothing needs.

All though the whole process of purchasing offline is not an cumbersome task but 
eventually it demands extra efforts from the customers. Going for shopping should
be like a jolly ride but the huge traffic problem is taking a toll on travelers by costing
their precious time. We all know the golden saying "Time is money" but my making
what can we justify the above golden statement. The real answer is Online Shopping
by the time most of them would have experienced of buying online. If we look on
the pros and cons of online shopping clearly there are more advantages in shopping

Advantages of online shopping

  •  Simply click and order the product of your interest in no time.
  • No need to travel anywhere hence no traffic issues mainly no parking fees(This has been an unidentified hole to our pockets in recent times)
  • All the e-commerce shopping sites are offering all the products for COD i.e cash on delivery(one need not have money instantly to purchase in online he can adjust by the time the ordered product is about to deliver) 
  • Most of the products from all online shopping websites are eligible for free home delivery
  • One can choose from wide variety of options in accordance to the interest of their price and size.
  • Most of online merchants provide combo offers for related products. for ex: on purchase of a bed cover one can avail discounts on pillow and pillow covers)
  • By applying coupon codes the online buyers can benefit in getting huge discounts on the desired products.
  • Also the buyer gets retailer and manufacturer guarantee while shopping online.
  • For every product purchased online there is a minimum 30 days buy back guarantee. (In case the ordered product suffers any damage in transportation or the product fails due to any technical flaws the online buyer can order back and request for replacement)
  • If one needs detailed explanation for  the product to be purchased or has some other queries immediately they can contact the customer care and know more information.
  • Online shopping can be done round the clock. This brings greater flexibility for online shoppers as they can order their favorite item 24 hours 7 days a week and 365 days in a year.
  • All the ordered products are delivered with utmost care. The safe and accurate packing shows more reliability to rely on online merchants.
  • However the real truth need to be mentioned. The anxiety one gets in online shopping cannot be described but only felt !!!!.


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