Best Power Banks for mobile phones
It is important to choose a best power bank for our mobile phones to have smooth conversations going round the clock. lets hayve a dig at specifications and features of power banks. The revolution of power banks is taking a new heights. The power Banks which are also known as external mobile batteries or portable chargers  really a big boon for smartphone users. The portable power banks wipes outs all the  hurdles in charging smartphones all the time. Onlinedada has  getting lot of requests from our visitors to review and suggest an  high quality and best power banks for mobile phones at an affordable prices.

Digiflip power banks is own product from the flipkart which is a biggest ecommerce gaint in Indian online marketing space. DIGIFLIP POWER BANK 11000 MAH PC012 has been getting huge response the power bank 6600 mah PC006 and 6600 mah pc007. These portable power banks for mobile phones comes in blue and white color.

Digiflip power bank specifications and features

The range and capacity of power bank varies from 2000 mah to 20000 mah. The flipkart's child product digiflip power banks fall under range of 6600 mah to 13000 mah. All the digiflip power banks comes with a LED flash light and battery indicator.

Mobile phones like nokia lumia, samsung galaxy S5, Nexus and Moto E can be easily rechargeable twice upto 100% battery capacity. The only worrying factor is the recharging the power bank to full capacity takes a lots of time nearly from 10-12 hours.

Flipkart provides a six month guarantee for all the digiflip power banks.

OnlineDADA says: Looks like buying digiflip power banks from flipkart would be a safer game. As the product has got better user reviews from the buyers of digiflip power banks

Flipkart is not offering any instruction guide or user manual to know more about the usage of the product. Since it comes from a reputed e-commerce giant the power bank would be of high quality.Also the reviewers have posted the product is in greater working condition even after using for several months convenience have rated enough for optimum performance.

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