In the initial days i.e when Flipkart emerged, people started buying gadgets and electronic
devices in online like pen drives and hard disks, how ever pen drives were the major pick
for many online buyers.The major reason it got highest attention is because of its lowest price
and this also made the online shoppers dare for the new online shopping experiment.

Slow and steadily the trend has increased among the teenagers and techies, buying online
took a significant shit as most of students and employees were largely attracted and got
used to online shopping.

In the meantime a trust has been built among the others who were initially reluctant towards
online shopping were comfortable and satisfied and thus revolution of online shopping began.

The online shopping saga has reached out from state capitals to cities and local towns of
various districts.The trend shows the initial products that were purchased mostly in online
 were gadgets, clothing, and footwear, even now this takes a major share among the total
 revenue that is generated in shopping online on a whole.

In the meantime the web has caught up with the bandwagon of online shopping sites.
Some of the online players who started from no where are today biggest giants in
online shopping world. The success rate allowed many players to step in and try
their luck in online shopping and selling. The clear cut fact is that there is a neck to
neck competition among major e-commerce players like Amazon, Flipkart and others.
The tight competition or number one spot has triggered Flipkart go to an extent and
purchase Myntra which is another equally doing good online shopping site.


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