Bringing in the huge storm into worlducp 2015 Chris gayle scored his maiden
double century against the zimbawe in the ongoing match between Zimbawe.
West indies losing early wicket without any runs on the board had struggled
a lot in the initial 20 overs. West indies could able to score 80 runs for the first
twenty overs.When  All it seemed like a boring match no one could predict the
match had some hidden records that was about blazed by chris gayle. Bringing
in the unpredictable storm into the worldcup Gayle triggered the bat forcing the
 score board to take a rapid rise.
Chris gayle double century with zimbawe

Gayle scored a massive of 215 runs playing 147 balls, Now he become only the
non-indian cricketer to score a Double century in an one day international.
He becomes the first cricketer to score an Double hundred in worldcup. Gayle
sent warning bells to all the worldcup playing teams that they are one of the
srong contender for winning the title.

Chris gayle 215 runs in worldcup

Chris Gayle score of 215 runs was scored with a strike rate of 146.3 which the major contribution came  from scoring massive  boundaries. chris  gayle 215 runs had 10 fours and 16 sixes in the match.

Chris gayle double century records

Chris gayle delivered his best to post a massive total of 372/2 taking from a slow and steady start to sky rocketing the score board was done effortlessly. Marlaon samels too had his best in match it was great support playing role helped chris gayle to go full guns. Marlon samules scored  century 136(153)  his best in worldup


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