Top 6 smartphones under Rs.1000 in india 2015 || Best smartphones in India

Redme note 2

Xiaomi redme 2 which is the successor to its Redme 1s which sold 50000 units in a flash sale less than 6 seconds. Xiami smartphone released redme 2 with 4G dual sim capability xiaomi comes with 1.2 Ghz quad core processor and 1 GB ram which runs on android 4.4.4 kitkat and MIUI 6. It comes with a 4.7 inch display snd a li-polymer of battery capacity upto 2200 mah. The smartphones from redme famly had come out as a succesful models and today those are one of the fauvorite picks under 10k Budget 

Micromax canvas nitro

Micromax seems to have giving umost importance in delivering quality products. Micromax canvas nitro  will be one of their proud product. Micromax stands out as a great budget smartphone to own.  Nitro comes with dual sim with a battery backup of 2500 mah. coming to camera features ith has a rear 1m mega pixel and 5 mega pixel secondary camera. The stand by time is said to be 320 h and talktime of 10 h. The display size is of 5 inches with a screen resolution of 720*1280 mp. micromax cnavas nitro is getting awesome ratings as it is really comfortable to hold and the sound is amazing to listen songs. One more outstanding feature for micromax is its powerful processor octacore 1.7 Ghz

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Lava Iris X8

Lava iris is one of the viable option to look for smartphone under 10 k. Lava iris x8 has a 2 GB ram and 16 GB internl memory which can be extended upt to 32 GB. The design of lava iris is similar to that of iphone 4 and iphone 5s.  Definitely the USP of lava brand will be its look and feel as it appearance is of resemblance to apple brand has earned browny points for its stylish look. Whilreviewing this lava iris was priced at 8999 on flipkart. It comes with a processor of 1.4 GHZ as the battery is powered by 2500 mah it gives a standby of 14 h (2g) and 9h (3g) . The screen revolution of lava iris is 1280*720

Top smartphones under 10k 

Yu Yureka

Yu Yureka smartphone from micromax was the much hyped mobile since its pre-release The yu yureka brand from micromax had excited all the mobile users. It is also one of the best mobile to buy under 10k with some limitations on its side. Yu yureka mobile is fast and effective in terms of performance the only major drawback is its battery backup and heating problem. Using yu yureka smartphone for a long time has causing some heating problems however it can be solved with some customization settings. Till date yu yureka also tends to one of best contender for smartphones under 10k.

Asus Zenfone 5

Asus Zenfone is also a great smartphone with fantastic ui design which comes with 8 Mega pixel rear camera, 5 inch display and a screen resolution of 1280*720 . It is powerpacked with 1.6 Ghz, 2 GB ram and 16gb memory capacity which is expandable upto 64 GB.  A good device for multitasking and can be easily switched from one app to another app. Asus zenfone 5 provides an amzing gaming experence specially the amazing 3d gaming can make you go squeal while playing.

Nokia Lumia 535

Although Nokia released lumia 535 at a later stage it didnt come with much upgrades the only difference between lumia 525 and 535 is its ram capacity. Lumia 535 came in to the market with 1 gb ram. Althogh nokial lumia 535 has a great set of features it is facing an huge competition with Micraomax canvas a1, micromax canvas nitro, Redme note 2, yu yureka and others specially for smartpphones in the range of 10k, But still it has been an considerable option for people who love windows


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