Ways to invest for retirement

Saving up money and charting out a retirement plan is more often than not on the least 

of priorities of individuals. The large chunk of money being raked in at work makes 

everyone content and that sets the mindset that it will last till needed.

Until and unless you have royalties backing us up or if the ‘born with a silver spoon in

the mouth’ is relatable, you need not worry about retirement options. If not, then it is

imperative that you begin investing in order to secure yourself and your family as you

head towards retirement.

We jot down some efficient, balanced and well laid out strategy that make you stand in a

position in order to produce a sustainable income upon retirement. Go through the

following steps listed below-

what is the best way to invest for retirement

1. Start off with a well-balanced mixture of stocks and bonds

One of the most reasonable option for retirees is a mix of stocks and bonds. A division of 50-50 between the stocks and bonds may sound extremely aggressive or highly  conservative for others but it is totally apt for investing for retirement. The main thing that needs to be kept in mind is to conclude at a perfect mix of assets that are bound to deliver a substantial amount of returns that enable you to pocket a good enough income. Make sure you do a good research so that you aren’t in a position facing huge losses. To have a better clarity fill up certain risk assessment questionnaires that will save you from losses. This should be taken as a practice and put in action after every 2 to 3 years which would help you get a better assessment as you invest.

 2. Set a total return portfolio

A common technique to rake up money on retirement is to plan and construct your own

portfolio of stock and bond index funds. If you are not familiar with it, tag on with a

financial advisor who will lay down the process for you. The portfolio is always

designed in such a manner that it helps you achieve a respectable long term return rate

of return. It allows you to withdraw a 4-7% a year and going forward in a few years

allows you to increase your withdrawal for inflation.

3. Individual Retirement Accounts should be considered

One of the most feasible option is to open up an Individual Retirement Account. You can

deposit up to $5,000 every year in it and add more once you cross the age of 50. These

accounts provide a great deal of tax advantages. There are two IRAs, a traditional IRA or

a Roth IRA.

4. Retirement Income Funds

These is a specialized type of mutual funds. Its process entails allocating your money

towards a varied portfolio consisting of stocks and bonds. It is done often by specifically

owning a classified set of other mutual funds. The investments that are made have a set

goal of delivering a fixed monthly income that will be all yours for the taking.

5. Get in-depth information on your employer’s pension plan

Many employers have a traditional pension plan set in place. Make sure you cross-check

whether you are covered in the plan and furthermore get an understanding on the

working of the plan. Do make it a point to ask for an individual benefit statement to

understand what are the benefits entitled to you and how much are they worth.

6. Annuities

These are usually an insurance more than an actual investment. They are taken in the

list of investment tips as their main purpose and objective is to produce income viz.

what is required on retirement.

Through an immediate annuity you can secure a future income. In return for a lump

sum amount the insurance company you tie-up with provides you with a guaranteed

income for the decided period of time.

7. Investment in the real estate sector

Properties rented out are a great way of earning money. Even though this is a manner of
providing a stable source of income, you need to have all your research boxes checked and take into account the various expenses that you have to bear from time to time. Weigh in the various aspects and then venture in this field. It makes a great business environment to earn money especially for the individuals who have experience in this field.

Best way to invest retirement money is to do right investment at right time !!


The path to have a stress free ageing! Investments are a great way of securing your future and making sure you are not in state of bother when it comes to financial aspects. The investments go a long way in providing that much needed income when you have retired. With stress levels rising every day with the fast paced lives of individuals and inflation touching newer heights having a source of income especially after retirement is a much needed boon.


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